Anastasia Roupakia

Dissecting Lilly (theatre play soundtrack)

Anastasia Roupakia is a London-based music composer with a passion of scoring for films, theater and television. She does music composition, orchestration, arranging, midi programming, live recording or synth scores, sheet music and parts preparation. She is also a professional flutist and founder of Midi2Sheet.

Official site - LinkedIn - Twitter - Stage32 - SoundCloud - IMDb

"One of the unique benefits of professional networks, such as Stage 32, is to enjoy works of exceptionally gifted people. A good example is music by Anastasia Roupakia, London-based composer/musician, whose scores recall elegance, pure beauty and, yes, melancholy of Golden Age from both sides of the Atlantic ("Dissecting Lily") — but also showing a healthy level of humor, as in remixes of classical music ("Nutcracker"). Warmly recommended, not only as possible musical identity for a movie or theater project, but also as highly needed daily dose of listening for our very souls."
— Zoran Stefanovic, internationally published and award-winning author, Belgrade

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