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The Regional museum of Herceg Novi owns about thirty icons mainly from the iconographic school Dimitrijevic - Rafailovic from the Gulf of Boka.

Family Dimitrijevic - Rafailovic existed during 17th until 19th century. By that period, it gave eleven artists throughout five generations. Dimitrije Daskal, and his four sons: Gavrilo, Rafailo, Danilo and Djordje named Dimitrijevic, after their father. Then Petar and Vasilije, sons of Rafailo, named Rafailovic after him, with their descendants. They painted thousands of icons, hundreds of iconostases, wood - engravings, and frescoes, which are ensembled the most frequently in churches of the Gulf. By their specific painting manner, they distinguished themselves from the current late Serbian Iconographic art, using bright colors without shade frosting, expressively stressed contour and miniature shape. Dimitrijevic - Rafailovic School remained noticeable for almost two centuries because they were persistent in transmitting and propagating an extraordinary and compact style and archaic iconography.

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