Slobodan Škerović

Nebula Signalism

"We are now entering the Mutara Nebula"
Spock, The Wrath of Khan

Realms of life and death

Battle in the Mutara Nebula between Captain Kirk, a man who cheated death, and Khan, genetically engineered genius, who also yearned for eternal living, is a masterpiece of a generation sprung around the idea of Gene Roddenberry's - "Star Trek."

Anyone who has tried to reach the truth with his thoughts, ended up in the nebula, far away from the contours of the distinctive. Therefore, those believing in reason steal time and space from the opaque, incomprehensible and thus frightening. The result is a feeling of vulnerability=security, as well as the stress of life preservation. That is built into the nervous system of living beings, as a reactive, reflex mechanism.

Feelings are states of life and are opposed to the uncertain and the unnamed which they interpret as - the state of death, an area where there is no chain of causation. In other words, the area beyond the boundaries of being, is seen as preceding the Big Bang, the beginning of life and distancing from the death (the incomprehensible, indiscernible) in which, paradoxically, rules the principle of equally distributed energy (entropy).

The realm of ​​the nebula/death marks life as different from itself, and from which one should move away, not pursue it.

Thus works two-dimensional, two-way mind.

Fear, the true face of such a mind, sees things upside down: in the natural science the state of entropy, heat death, is seen as the ultimate outcome of the collapse of the so-called isolated system. Thus, death is both before and after Genesis. This is how a straight line turns into a circle.

A step into the three-dimensional thinking gives us a picture of the bubble, which is completely surrounded by vacuum, but, fortunately - outer space stretches on its own, and, so it seems, there is no danger that this baffling force of death will eventually destroy life. On the contrary, three-dimensional mind feels safe in its stretchy aporia. And nonchalantly.

Space-time continuum, that is about the limit of the civilized mind. Cozy womb (matrix) within which a standard duration of life is established, along with the probability that mediocrity will continue stretching in accordance with the basic idea of expanding into itself.

Thus works the three-dimensional mind. The mediocre mind.

Here we talk about the paradox of life, because life is the one that remains unexplained. If the explanation happened, life would lose its main feature - isolation [1] of knowledge. Survival of life depends on the inability to understand, that is, on the ability to project imaginary outcomes as and instead of the truth. Life is formal versus informal. It manifests itself as a tendency, and as such falls short of cognition.

With this problem equally deal both philosophy and art.

Both activities, at the crossroads of life and death, have experienced duplication, philosophy has split into the mystical and the rational/sensual and art into the abstract (informal) and realistic (formal).

In attempting to explain or falsely explain the world, there have been various historical events and trends. One has moved towards death and the other towards life.

In mystical philosophy defining death is the culmination of cognition - from this viewpoint, life is seen as the suffering. In art, the freed energy, which has been scientifically identified as entropy, and in the theory of art more precisely, as expressionism, produces a vibrant world of challenges, as an explosion that can be contained and kept inside the one moment and one point.

In philosophy (Zen, Taoism, Apeironism,) too, existential knowledge is a collapse into a single point, which is both pre- and identical to the Big Bang.

In both cases, cognition is clearly discerned from reason and is not the result of logical simulation of cognition. On the contrary, the basic method which leads to cognition is analytical - discerning, devastating.

Artistic and philosophical vanguard

It should be clearly said that the vanguard does not belong to the idea of art, as in social superstructure of civilization. Art was like philosophy, in historical times, stolen from mysticism, where its origin and home are. Then there was the false effort to reasonably determine it (so that the bubble can include the vacuum around), aesthetic theories sprang up, attempts to fit it into religious and political ideologies, and finally art has been thrown at the market - the free market, together with other civilizations' garbage, completely devalued - stripped of the mystical, that actually never in history could have any real value.

Vanguard investigates the unknown. While doing so it also penetrates inside the Unknowable and communicates its findings to the main horde. Which, in turn, is not interested at all in the Unknowable. The horde is only interested in what is there to eat, of which one - lives.

The horde does not need the vanguard and it forgoes it by all means. The Great Khan needs explorers/crooks of the Walter Raleigh kind, who will announce that somewhere, in a strange world which needs to be colonized, there are mountains and rivers full of gold (Eldorado). The horde needs such knowledge that will move stupid masses to the wanted direction. A specific image is needed and not the story of the Formless. [2)

The need for change, to loosen the bonds, is the condition for the creation of the vanguard. But often, the effort involved gets reduced to polemic debate with members of the established, traditional culture, while the areas awaiting for the light to be shed on them are ignored. What connects people is the idea that communication depends on the medium - on conversing, and on the insistence that everything must happen through mediation of society. Because of that, there are many attempts to behave vanguard-wise, but they often end up in the form of graffiti on the walls that are not jumped over.

Signalism - vanguard of exclusiveness

The founder of the vanguard movement of Signalism, Miroljub Todorovic, was not inhibited by the mentioned need to do his own thing in concert with the existing "flows", which could rather be called stale ponds than clear streams.

Even his first attempts to introduce, at that time, an inappropriate content into the present poetic context, which he then called Scientism, caused an automatic and mindless response from the on-duty supervisors of cultural events. With their shallow, quasi-philosophical and quasi-theoretician views, they dug for themselves a deep grave.

Luckily, and that's what ignorant cowards do not know, when a person puts pressure on the Unknowable, new spaces are open in which existence is not under duress. What prevents the formation of a series of conditioning is a method of deconstruction, as a filter through which is passed the experienced reality. This purifies it and releases it from the power of pursuit, caused by the introduction of memory and projecting, as a means to establish the false persistence.

Signalism of Miroljub Todorovic is characterized by an effort to deconstruct one-sided perception of life esthetics (Planet), for him a cosmic consciousness is a pincer maneuver of momentary passing through matter and its whirls, where the charge used for the analysis of processes is stored in the form of absolute speed - which is the poetic energy that is not consumed in worshiping of the form. On the contrary, the duration of form is realized in the focus of force, and forms remain with it and do not deteriorate as is the case in nature. Thus the living remains in the very act of creation.

One must have enough experience, force, to return the world he loves back into possession, while by doing so it is inevitably changed and translated into the forceful form of existence.

This difference in intelligence of Signalist poets and those who borrow their mind from (traditional) patterns - is insurmountable. It represents the difference between life and death. Intelligence is what is lacking in life. Life is afraid of and renounces intelligence.

Signalism did not simply reject tradition. It critically sifted it and kept what was valuable, adding new members to the content of reality, but it rejected the uncritical method of imitating old masters. The Master is not a historical category, once and for all given as a role model. One can still be an authentic sage at present day.

What allowed the existence of Signalism and its ever greater and more powerful proliferation, after more than forty years, is the clarity of expression and the method used by the poet. Signalism does not tolerate and will not allow repetition. Todorovic and others, create cycle after cycle, but they differ from each other - by content, perceiving position, tempo and resonance, in continuous detection and alignment of new poetic expressions.

Intelligence or Indulgence?

It is much easier to pay a priest and get forgiveness, than to be smart and resolve the problem of "sinful" nature on your own.

In the film, The Wrath of Khan, mentioned at the beginning of this short essay, the base of drama is a clash between two worlds, which only seem to resemble each other, but differ substantially. Khan is the undisputed, all-knowing leader, of proven and documented intelligence. But his intelligence operates only within the well-known and predictable. Therefore, it is unjustly called by that name. Intelligence can not be proven by relationship to the known - that is but submission to the enslaving relationship towards the basic idea of a perfect, isolated system.

In the Mutara Nebula there are no protocols. Captain Kirk is free to create rules that will turn his apparent weaknesses into advantage. It only takes a moment of focusing, summarizing into the point, to overcome the seemingly invincible opponent.

Analytical method of cognition and creation, also called stochastic [3] - means that there are enough empirical elements to be able to improvise. [4] Ironically, the method that relies on the unpredictability of the outcome gives excellent results in the field of creativity. Experience plus the lack of representation of possible outcomes (predictions) results in a strong and active creation which, though novel, has, as a system, all the pieces necessary for spiritual existence in eternity, as opposed to the notion of perpetual renewal and rejuvenation in an area where all is doomed - the realm of life. Which is, as was already said, the mind of a straight line.

Terminological confusion is obvious. The expression life can be used in both cases. Also, death can mean both a good and a bad outcome. The reason for this is the biased and stubborn refusal to investigate death as an opportunity and basis for a higher quality existence, this because one-, two- and three-dimensional mind is being used. For proper understanding and overcoming the usual interpretation an unlimited mind is required.

Another word or two on the System

One of the "mighty" ideas, which are the most confusing, is the idea of the system. The primitive mind imagines an overall system, as for example the one on which Plato wrote of as "the highest good", namely - the state. But not only the state, also "Eco-system", Gaia, social system, "isolated" system, or like in Hegel, "The Spirit as History," and so on.

Primitive mind, following Aristotle's principle of categories, wishes to monitor the world as a system of stored parts (thus automatically regulated parts), while hoping for their lawful interrelation. As if in nature there were a law or laws by which all things conduct. This "law" is the very nature of the organized seeing, therefore it is - in perception and not in the nature of the seen. This is because the basic property of an idea, projection, is - self-justification. It sees itself as - the law.

Science introduces the chance into the game, throwing the emphasis on the probability that there is legitimacy. That is The Game Theory. Here is stochastic differently understood from the above mentioned, because the probability is still insisting on projecting as an event, and the matter is not brought to the point where time is not a factor (but there is a conditioned sequence of events). Science is not prepared to face the uncertain.

The present is always uncertain, because it does not see the future. And it does not see it because there isn't one. Hegel monitored the past and saw legitimacy in it, and then drew the conclusion that all is well. Because there is a "legitimacy". And that is self-justification.

I will get now to the point. Stochastic or Signalist relation to the system is that the system is something emerging and only currently exists as "final". System will not "be finished" someday. The system is as we see it at this moment - and as such we use it. The poet creates a cycle of poems, or a novel, using the stochastic method, not knowing in advance which actual words, and in what interrelation, he will use. All is uncertain to the very end. Nonetheless, the method that feeds exclusively on the intent not to predict [5] , creates a new world that is momentarily seen with all the necessary "laws", which actually make it a world. This proves that the world does not become from a previous world, following the laws of conditioning. Therefore, there is no movement of the Spirit as History. There is no "progress" throughout history. Properly understood evolution, without an ideological superstructure, is just that. There is no "timeline".

Signalist world-system is a dynamic space. The force that makes it is knowledge. The world is as much as we know about it. The way we comprehend is the key moment of creation. If we "comprehend" in accordance with the previous "knowledge" we will never experience The Creation of the World, because the world has already been created, and being so we have been denied the pleasure to create ourselves. Thank you very much! Created world needs janitors and guards, victims and martyrs.

The Game Theory is different from the art of playing. The artist plays with knowledge as with a force that creates. In this gamble, the artist will always win talon. Professional gamblers, who actually never play of chance, will lose anyway. Because they are unable to predict or control creation. Created outcome belongs entirely to the creative method. And causal method can only deal with the - created.

[1] Lat. insula - island.

[2] The campaign for colonization of Mars has already began, and it will surely follow the notorious Dutch scheme of settlement of the New Worlds (religious persecution and the like, produce a bunch of refugees easy to displace and even be charged for the transport, which is the basis of historical economics).

[3] The stochastic or aleatory - literally gamblers'.

[4] The coined word improvisatio literally means foresight.

[5] Doing nothing - not-doing.

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