Nikola Aćin (1970-2008), a biography

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Nikola Aćin (Serbian Cyrillic: Никола Аћин, francised Nikola or Nicolas Atchine; 1970 — Paris, 17 May 2008), was the French and Serbian songwriter, singer and guitarist of the French rock'n'roll band The Hellboys and Blues Country band Heartbreak Hotel.[1]

He was also an eminent comics expert, journalist, writer, as well as a translator from English to French.[2]


Nikola Aćin was the son of the notable Serbian movie director Jovan Aćin (Dancing in Water aka Hey Babu Riba, Serbian: Bal na vodi).

Considered a specialist in Elvis Presley,[3] Bob Dylan, Joe Strummer and Bruce Springsteen, Nikola was a journalist and columnist for the French Rock & Folk magazine editorial staff from 1998 until his death in 2008.

He has also been a contributor to the magazines Technikart, DVDvision and WAD (magazine) and has participated in comics magazines Scarce and Bang!.

He was the French translator of Andrew Loog Oldham, manager of the Rolling Stones, for his autobiography, as well as comic book authors such as Alan Moore, Dave Cooper, Jaime Hernandez and Gilbert Hernandez.

Author of a book on Elvis Presley: Qui a tué Elvis? Mort(s) d'un Roi /Who Killed Elvis? Death(s) of a King/, published by Éditions Autour du Livre, Nikola Aćin studied the slow decline of the King and analyzed the various moral deaths of the artist as many steps leading to his physical death in 1977.

His musical and artistic friendships were numerous, from Joe Strummer of the group The Clash, to Yarol Poupaud, musician and producer of the Hellboys debut album, Caroline de Maigret, founder of the label Bonus Track Records and whose son is his godson, Tim Armstrong, singer of the Rancid group, Ovidie, director, or Ann Scott, novelist with whom he had co-written the first version of the scenario of the film adaptation of her acclaimed novel Superstars. He also did many script readings for producer Jean-Pierre Dionnet (of Métal Hurlant fame).

His band The Hellboys performed regularly at Le Gibus' Rock'n'roll Fridays parties and festivals, sponsored by Rock & Folk magazine, where he starred alongside young Parisian bands like The Naast, Brats and Second Sex.

Nikola Aćin died in Paris on May 17, 2008 at the age of 34. The causes of his death have not been made public by his entourage.

A hommage was paid to him in the Rock & Folk magazine, July 2008 issue.[4] A tribute concert was held on June 27, 2008 at the Le Gibus with the participation of Daniel Darc, Tai-Luc, Tony Truant, Patrick Eudeline...


  • 2008: Heartbreak Hotel,Snake Eyes (Bonus Tracks Records)
  • 2006: The Hellboys, Mutant Love (Bonus Tracks Records)
  • 2002: The Hellboys, Mutant Love EP, 5 titres (Revel Yell Music)
  • 1998: The Hellboys, 45 tours, Bloodshot Eyes / Everything you learned (Hellcat Records)
  • 1996: The Hellboys + The Turbo A.C.'S, 45 tours, Human Race / Traitor (Explicit Sounds)

Publications - Articles

  • 2008: Qui a tué Elvis, Mort(s) d'un roi (Cahiers du Rock)[5]
  • 2004: Franquin, Le mythe railleur. Bang ! No. 8 (coédition Casterman et Beaux Arts magazine)[6]
  • 2004: Raymond Poïvet, La ligne inachevée. Bang ! No. 7 (coédition Casterman et Beaux Arts magazine)
  • 2004: Mad magazine. Bang ! No. 6 (coédition Casterman et Beaux Arts magazine)
  • 2004: Superhéros, Le retour éternel. Bang ! No. 5 (coédition Casterman et Beaux Arts magazine)
  • 1998: DBD – Les dossiers de la bande dessinée No. 1 – Franquin - Interview de André Franquin en collaboration avec Denis Sire et Georges Simonian.(Éditions DBD - Epuisé)


  • 2007: Love and Rockets: Palomar City - Première partie de Gilbert Hernandez. Éditions du Seuil.[7]
  • 2007: Love and Rockets: Palomar City - Deuxième partie de Gilbert Hernandez. Éditions du Seuil.
  • 2006: Rolling Stoned de Andrew Loog Oldham. Éditions Flammarion.
  • 2005: Love and Rockets: Locas - Première partie de Jaime Hernandez. Éditions du Seuil.[8]
  • 2005: Love and Rockets: Locas - Deuxième partie de Jaime Hernandez. Éditions du Seuil.
  • 2005: Ripple de Dave Cooper. Préface de David Cronenberg. Éditions du Seuil.
  • 2005: Une petite mort de Alan Moore et Oscar Zarate. Éditions du Seuil.


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